ATG Service
Fast - Good - Flexible

ATG SERVICE GmbH, located in Ahaus, Germany, is active worldwide and is one of the leading producers of high-quality gravure and embossing cylinders for the printing industry.

The company's product range includes creative solutions
for the laminate, wallpaper and security industries
as well as the packaging and tobacco industries.

Today we have a production capacity of more than
15,000 printing cylinders and embossing rollers per year
for our customers, and the number is rising. Furthermore,
ATG SERVICE possesses state-of-the-art engraving
and laser technology.

Together with our team of experienced colleagues that
is recognized in the industry, we cover the areas of
reproduction proofs, engraving, chrome plating and
print proofs
in the segment of gravure engraving.

We can produce printing cylinders of the highest precision
and with minimum tolerances using our high-quality

We offer both electromechanical as well as halftone
. Due to the combination of different procedures,
our products meet the highest demands in terms of