Production: Precision & Expertise

Our employees provide their knowledge and experience to the service of the customer. ATG SERVICE is familiar with all of the market's challenges regarding flexibility, quality and reliable adherence to deadlines. Our extensive range of products allows us to always precisely address your specific

We deliver electronically engraved or laser-engraved
gravure cylinders, flexo sleeves
as well as special rollers, even
copper-plated or chrome-plated. We produce your printing
plates with the highest precision and with minimum
tolerances using state-of-the-art high-performance

Naturally we achieve the expected print result in the
shortest with the fastest possible line speed.

Our customers include printing companies, companies
for packaging material systems, producers of brand-name products and commercial enterprises.

The quality of your print results is what matters most to
us. With our products, we provide the printing plates for
your high-quality results.

We react quickly to the demands of our customers'
market so that they can meet the increasing demands
for quality. Our experience with laser-engraved and
etched gravure cylinders
is one example of this.

ATG SERVICE works with automated engraving using
state-of-the-art systems. Our goal is very good quality
at high production speeds. This allows us to flexibly react
to your wishes and achieve our goals together.

We also make use of highly efficient laser systems combined with halftone etching. The use of this technology
results in long-lasting high-performance tools: gravure
cylinders or embossing rollers that make even the finest
lettering and publisher's marks possible. Using a special process, we are also capable of combining halftone engravings with laser-etched line elements.

We use our high-performance laser/etching technology in the production of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional
embossing plates
. The production tolerances are within
the μ range and the repeatability of a motif or structure is guaranteed. We offer cylinders for stencils and male moulds as well as cylinders for embossing against smooth rollers. We also offer embossing cylinders in copper and steel as well as CNC-milled embossing cylinders.

Special Features

  • Combination of electromechanical engraving and
laser/etching on one cylinder
• Embossing rollers up to 2,500 mm bales for wood
grain designs
• Production of technical rollers from screen 22 up
to 300


Also in the production of Flexo Sleeves, ATG SERVICE becomes a first class supplier. We supply a range of individual Sleeves, matched with requirements of our customers. These Sleeves can be described as follows.

Thin sleeve

Photopolymer covered sleeve with a fiberglass base for mounting on a compressible adapter.

Nickel / polymer sleeve

Photopolymer covered sleeve with a nickel base, also available with a compressible support base and a variable thickness.

Variable wall thicknesses

Photopolymer covered sleeve with a fiberglass base, also available with a compressible support base. Sizes are variable.

Photopolymer Flexo

Plates Full range of digital photopolymer Flexo plates with a variable thickness.

Technical advantages of Flexo Sleeves
  • For fine line work and halftone dots we build directly under the photopolymer a compressible layer. This layer minimizes dot gain during printing.
• This compressible layer absorbs vibrations that can be present during printing. Thus striping and bouncing can be minimized.
• Thickness tolerances are at the end of the sleeve manufacturing implemented. We have the ability to machine grind the sleeve to any given circumference.
• No risk of plate lifting
• Endless imaging
• Perfect registration between colours

Economical advantages of Flexo Sleeves
  • No plate mounting, Sleeves are print ready
• Minder adjustment time on printing press due to the perfect registration of the colours.
• Less material and ink loss durning startup time on the press.
• Higher printing speeds
• Longer life span